The overarching aim of my research program is to understand the significant challenges faced by patients coping with cancer and improve outcomes across the cancer continuum through patient-centered healthcare and tailored, empirically-supported interventions. My interests include resilience, metastatic disease, and supportive care needs, as well as psychoneuroimmunology and the pathways through which psychosocial factors influence stress biology. I am interested in moving beyond a singular focus on distress and symptom reduction in order to elucidate the unique effects of protective psychological processes, such as purpose and meaning in life, acceptance, and positive emotion, on quality of life and health outcomes in cancer survivors. I am also committed to improving women's health and collaborate on projects in the areas of urogynecology and reproductive endocrinology. Due to persistent disparities experienced by racial and ethnic minorities, a primary area of my research focuses on identifying factors that can be targeted to improve quality of life and health outcomes among Hispanics/Latinos and other underrepresented, underserved individuals.


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